Last night I got inspired while watching the Redskins (unfortunately not by their playing). I came to work and took this joke photo for the Haughty FB page of the aptly named "Pull It Together" and "Receive":

…which got me thinking about Redskins Lips. So here are a couple of looks for all you crazy superfans out there.

Look 1: "The Lip Jersey"

  I drew the base shapes on with Kryolan Pencils 905 (yellow), 970 (white), and 122 (wine) and then put on an overlay of Kryolan Glitter Gloss in Gold in the center, and Haughty Lip Gloss in Pull It Together on the sides. I am much better at doing this sort of thing to other people, and I have very small lips, but there was nobody else here to model today so this is what you get. Should be enough to give you the idea.

Here I am modeling the look with my awesome, not-at-all age appropriate Redskins t-shirt (an Old Navy special). Insert disclaimer here about how I'm not a model, prefer to work behind the camera and yada yada yada. I guess if I'm going to start beauty blogging I just have to get over it. Anyway, last time I was at a bar to watch a game I saw girls with Redskin colored feather extentions and football shaped purses, so I feel like you could totally rock this and get away with it.

Look 2: "The Amidala"

Ok, so the reverse is even weirder, but you know I had to try it. If you decide to wear this out of the house, you'll be in good company with Natalie Portman and Lady Gaga, who have both rocked variations of this look. It's a little disturbing that my skin is almost the same color as the yellow pencil, but this would probably look rad on someone with a darker skin tone.

Here's the finished effect from afar, probably bound to get you a few double takes as people wonder if you were born with extremely bright micro-lips. It's like the lip equivilent of wearing a tiny hat. Which makes it pretty awesome, if you think about it.

I realize we got hit with the business end of a big rivalry last night. If anybody wants to do this with Cowboys colors, I'd love to see it. But you have to name it "the Field Goal".




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  1. Shahada says:

    Love 'The Lip Jersey!'

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  • @ShoppingSavant
    You just ran out? I need to start using smaller tubes. ;)
    2012/09/19 12:45
  • RT @shoppingsavant: @ShopAtZoe @dailycandy @haughtytweets Oh I know. And I just ran out of the one I had from them, too.
    2012/09/19 12:58
  • RT @shopatzoe: Oooo @ShoppingSavant I would take advantage of that @dailycandy deal! The @haughtytweets lip gloss is amazing!
    2012/09/19 12:01


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