Difficulty: Moderate

Time Commitment: High

Material Commitment: Moderate

This was a request from Facebook – keep ‘em coming! It definitely takes a good 45 minutes to get this right, and the material commitment is moderate because you need a good color palette and the patience to mix colors with each other and with moisturizer to achieve the right textures. Step-by-step instructions coming soon!


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  • @ShoppingSavant
    You just ran out? I need to start using smaller tubes. ;)
    2012/09/19 12:45
  • RT @shoppingsavant: @ShopAtZoe @dailycandy @haughtytweets Oh I know. And I just ran out of the one I had from them, too.
    2012/09/19 12:58
  • RT @shopatzoe: Oooo @ShoppingSavant I would take advantage of that @dailycandy deal! The @haughtytweets lip gloss is amazing!
    2012/09/19 12:01


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